"Wherefore, I the Lord ask you this question - Unto what were ye ordained? To preach my gospel by the Spirit, even the Comforter which was sent forth to teach the truth."
-D&C 50:13-14

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Investigators

Hey family!

Well it has been a good week in Seffner. It felt really slow actually to go from last week with two baptisms to this week where we're trying to find people that want to get baptized. It's a pretty big transition, but it's all apart of the work. The ward is working really hard on getting things lined up in the ward so we'll have people to work with. One of the names that they gave us is Brandon Frodge. He's a 9 yr old boy that hasn't been baptized yet. His family is fairly active, and he Mom has been waiting for the Dad to get on board with church. He was raised in it, but as of late, has kind of fallen away. Sis. Frodge doesn't want to wait any longer for Brandon to get baptized, so when we stopped by the other day we set a baptismal date for the 20th of August. He's a really good kid and was excited about us coming over to teach the lessons.

One of our new investigators this week is named Rose. She's actually married to the son of a member. She's in a really rough situation right now and is working two jobs, which makes it really hard to meet up with her. Rose has a belief in God, it's just hard for her to get past the fact that God allows hard things to happen to good people. Her mom is really sick, and so we're going to try and talk about the Plan of Salvation when we go and meet up with her again. I'm sure she will love it because a lot of the worry and confusion that she has will be answered. The Plan of Salvation is definitely one of my favorite topics. You can see how much our Heavenly Father loves us because he wants nothing more than for us to make it back to be with him again.

Also this week we picked up a new missionary. Elder Escobar from Madesto, CA is now serving with Elder Nemelka and I. Now during my mission I have yet to serve with someone that is taller then I am. Until last transfer. And this one. It's not helping that Elder Escobar is 6'7". We're a pretty intimidating trio when I'm the shortest at 6'3". He's funny, and I actually served around him in the St. Pete zone for 6 months, so it wasn't too difficult of a transition. Our apartment is pretty cramped but hopefully we'll be moving in the next couple of weeks. We'll see though.

On Saturday night it was "Mormon Night" at the Ray's baseball game, and so we all had permission to go to it. There was a huge section of missionaries and it was a lot of fun seeing people from all over the mission. In fact I'm pretty sure there was a lot more socializing going on then game watching. Ha especially because the Ray's got creamed. Not a very good night for them. It was good to get the word out a little bit though. People are becoming more familiar all the time with the church, and hopefully there was some interest sparked. I guess on average it takes people 7 times with coming into contact with the church for them to finally decide to listen.

I love you all so much! Good luck preparing for school, and I really appreciate your support.

Elder Kade Bartschi

President’s Letter

Dear Sisters and Elders,

This was a great month-You are really doing it! I just love serving with you.

There is a saying that: talk is cheap. Any claim our lips make to our Faith in Jesus Christ must be demonstrated by our action. Faith without action is no faith at all. The Savior taught: “DO the things which ye have seen me DO.” He testified: “I DO those things which I have seen my Father DO.” He went about DOING good. Being a Disciple requires that we DO. King Benjamin pleaded: “If ye believe in these things, see that ye DO them.” Nephi demonstrated his great faith in his commitment: “I will go and DO…” Grace or the enabling power of the Atonement only comes: “…after all we can DO.” The words of Christ will: “…tell you all things that you should DO.” The Holy Ghost will: “show you all things that you should DO.” True doctrine declares that when the Spirit creates a mighty change in our hearts that our disposition is to: “…DO good continually.” Mormon testifies that inspiration from God invites and entices us: “…to DO…to LOVE…to SERVE.” He further testifies that: “…Christ hath said: ‘If ye have faith in me, ye shall have power to DO…” Entry into heaven does not come to those who: “…saith Lord, Lord…” Entrance to heaven comes to those who: “…DOETH the will of My Father who is in heaven.” The Savior promises that if you hear His sayings and DOETH them you are a wise man (woman). If you hear His sayings and DOETH THEM NOT you are a foolish man. The sad, very sad difference between DOING and NOT DOING, between the wise and foolish man is that the wise man who DOES is founded upon rock and in spite of the storm his house stands; while the foolish man who DOETH NOT is founded on sand and when the storm comes his house falls, and “…great is the fall of it.” One who DOES is solid. One who DOES NOT is flakey. If you want to be solid today: Go and DO. If you want to be and stay solid when you go home, develop the daily habit now of Going and DOING. The Prophet Joseph made this his motto: “When the Lord commands: DO IT.” President Spencer W. Kimball had this statement carved in wood on his desk “DO IT NOW.”

I join with you wonderful missionaries in the commitment to Go DO it. Thank you for your wonderful efforts this last month-it was the best of the year. I love being on this grand journey with you. We are beginning to soar. I love you very much.

President Summerhays

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