"Wherefore, I the Lord ask you this question - Unto what were ye ordained? To preach my gospel by the Spirit, even the Comforter which was sent forth to teach the truth."
-D&C 50:13-14

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello, Hello, Hello!!

Wow I can't believe that it's already P-Day again! This week has seriously flown by. Ah I feel like there's so much to tell you. All of our studying and learning this week has felt like the week before finals. By the time I'm done for the day my head is spinning and I don't feel like I could try and cram another thing in my head even if I wanted to. Ha but it's a really good feeling as well. I know that everything I'm learning and studying is for my benefit and we're promised that if we do our part to learn then the Holy Ghost will be able to bring those very thoughts back to our mind in the moment that we need it...so basically I'm banking off that promise for now. Haha but my companion and I are still teaching and growing as best we can. Sometimes our ideas on how to best approach a subject differ, but the result has always been rewarding. All of our TE appointments have ended with a lot of compliments and some helpful advice. I'm just praying that the people of Florida will be as accepting of the gospel as the people pretending to be investigators at the MTC (I know, that's a pretty far-fetched wish).
But to answer your question, we do leave on Monday!! I can't decide if that thought terrifies me or if I'm excited. Ha but our itinerary is as follows: We meet at the travel office at 4 am (that could be interesting), and our flight leaves SLC at 7:05. We arrive in Detroit at 11:00 and then we take off at 12 and get to Tampa by 4:05. I'm pretty sure I'll get to call you during my layover, but I'll just have to hurry. Oh and I'm the travel leader of our group of five headed to Tampa. Which basically means I have to make sure we all get there, and if something goes wrong I get to call the church travel office and explain why only a few of us made it haha. Oh yay...
We had a really neat experience the other day as a district, though. After the devotional given by Bradley D. Foster of the Seventy (it was awesome), we met as a district and were able to analyze what really stuck out to us. It was awesome to hear the many different things that we felt applied to us. My favorite thought of the talk was the the Lord has prepared a curriculum of life specific to each and every one of us. Also he talked about Moses and when he was tempted by Satan. Satan tries to lower Moses' self worth by calling him a son of Man. Moses then responds with the saying that he's not a son of man, but a son of God. I really love the thought that God knows and loves each of us personally. We're all children of God, not children of man. Following the discussion we decided to sing a few hymns as a district. Personally nothing helps me feel the Spirit better than music. There's a couple guys in our district that have participated in choirs before, so we're able to sing all the parts and harmonize. It was really awesome to stand in a circle as a district and sing I Know That My Redeemer Lives, and Nearer My God to Thee. The Spirit was really there and it even brought one of the Elders to tears. Ha but since I'm "cold-hearted" I was able to stay strong. Sorry for the sappy sounding message, but it was really a cool experience.
Thanks for sending all that stuff with Katelyn!! Ha now not only do I receive a ridiculously large amount of mail, but I have my own personal messenger in the MTC. I wouldn't have it any other way. Also, thanks for all the letters! I love hearing about your lives and getting all the awesome support. But I do have a question...Ma, could you send me some tetracycline to Florida?? I'll make it until I get there, but not long after that. Ha your boy still hasn't grown out of his acne stage yet. I'll buy a calling card today so that I'll get to talk to you on Monday! Also....I have no idea where the trumpet case is...Maybe in the back room?? I'm not quite sure how I have the trumpet but no case...ha but of course that would happen to me. Maybe Mr. Bennett will have one.
Well I love you all SOOOOO much!! Know that I think of you and can feel your support!

Your boy/missionary

Elder Kade Bartschi

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